Visit to Takasago Hydrogen Park

Takasago Hydrogen Park

11/22/20232 min read

On Wednesday, November 22, the Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai had the privilege to tour Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ Takasago Hydrogen Park. The state-of-the-art facility focuses on hydrogen production and storage and features large and small/medium scale gas turbine units. Takasago Hydrogen Park aims to validate hydrogen gas turbine capabilities, including design, performance, and durability, to support the commercialization of hydrogen gas turbines by 2025.

Our delegation was graciously greeted by Mr. Katsunori Tanaka, the General Manager of Takasago Machinery Works. Following the exchange, Mr. Tanaka introduced MHI's groundbreaking initiatives, setting the tone for the rest of the visit. Our journey continued with a commemorative photo session, after which we were given time to prepare for the upcoming inspection tour. We then embarked on the fascinating tour that provided an in-depth look into the development of gas turbines, a highlight being MHI's Takasago gas turbine R&D center and factory. Our delegation gathered for a short break before moving on to an interactive Q&A session. This provided a platform for robust discussions and for gaining a deeper understanding of the intricacies and challenges involved in hydrogen production and storage.

The visit left our delegation deeply impressed with the tremendous work being conducted at the Takasago Hydrogen Park. We extend our sincere appreciation to Mr. Katsunori Tanaka and the rest of the MHI team for their warm hospitality and enthusiasm in sharing their invaluable expertise. This visit not only highlighted the promising future of hydrogen gas turbines but also cemented the significance of continued collaboration and dialogue between the Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai and esteemed institutions, such as Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.