Visit to Shionogi Pharma Research Center (SPRC)

Shionogi Pharma Research Center (SPRC)

8/14/20232 min read

The Science and Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai had the privilege of visiting the esteemed Shionogi Pharmaceutical Research Center (SPRC) in Toyonaka City, Osaka on Tuesday, August 01, 2023.

Dr. Isao Teshirogi, the CEO of Shionogi, and Dr. John Keller, the Vice President, warmly welcomed the S&TDC delegation upon arrival. They expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to showcase Shionogi's advanced research center, which is equipped with cutting-edge laboratory equipment and information technology. During the briefing session, the representatives from Shionogi provided an insightful corporate introduction. They highlighted the company's ongoing research capabilities, with a particular focus on their impressive work in the field of infectious diseases. The delegation had the opportunity to engage in a Q&A session, allowing for an in-depth discussion on Shionogi's current projects and initiatives.

Following the briefing, the S&TDC members were divided into two groups for a tour of the SPRC. Led by knowledgeable guides, they explored the state-of-the-art laboratories and witnessed first-hand the groundbreaking research being conducted by Shionogi's talented team of scientists and researchers. The visit concluded with a closing session in the meeting room, during which the delegates had the chance to take a group photo with the Shionogi executives as a memento of their time at the research center.

The S&TDC extends its heartfelt appreciation to Dr. Isao Teshirogi, Dr. John Keller, and the entire Shionogi team for their warm hospitality and for providing invaluable insights into the field of pharmaceutical research. Special thanks are also due to Richard Mei and Naomi Shibui of the US Consulate General for their great work in coordinating this successful visit. The S&TDC looks forward to continued collaborations in the field of science and technology diplomacy, as it remains committed to fostering partnerships that drive innovation and contribute to global advancements in various industries.

Members of S&TDC Kansai standing in front of a presentation
Members of S&TDC Kansai standing in front of a presentation