Visit to ROHM Semiconductors

ROHM Semiconductors

8/30/20232 min read

The Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai visited the highly esteemed ROHM Semiconductors in Kyoto on September 26. Established in 1958, ROHM Semiconductors is leading the way in large-scale integration (LSI) systems, discrete components, and module products, owing to their innovative utilization of semiconductor technology.

The visit was graced by Senior Corporate Officer, Chief Sustainability Officer Koji Yamamoto, who warmly greeted our group as we arrived at ROHM's premises, and began with an exchange of business cards. Mr. Yamamoto followed this up with a captivating address - opening remarks that gave us an enlightening glimpse into the depth of ROHM's command in the industry. Shortly after, we had an enchanting photo session graced by Mr. Yamamoto. Following this, Mr. Yamamoto excused himself and we delved into an informative corporate profile video that augmented our understanding of ROHM's operations and influence in the electronic component markets.

We were divided into two groups for an in-depth tour of ROHM's showroom and cleanroom. This exclusive tour offered us a rare glance into their automated and ever-growing operations, underpinning aspects of the wireless, computer, automotive, and consumer electronics markets. Some of the most innovative equipment and devices use ROHM products - an impressive feat that was intriguingly displayed during the tour.

Conclusively, we congregated for an enlightening question-and-answer session, marking the wrap up of our visit, which has significantly fostered our understanding of ROHM Semiconductors' paramount contributions to their industry and the extensive reach of their groundbreaking products. We are appreciative of the warm hospitality and enlightening experience provided by Mr. Koji Yamamoto and the entire ROHM team. We would also like to express our sincere gratitude to Consul General of Panama Victor J. Almengor for his valuable support in coordinating this fantastic visit.