S&TDC Inauguration

Launch of the Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle of Kansai

7/6/20221 min read

The Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai (S&TDC Kansai) was officially launched with colleagues from diplomatic posts and honorary consulates in Kansai. This new open diplomacy network in Kansai facilitates connections between experts, researchers, entrepreneurs, leaders and officials representing academia, research centers, advanced industries and government.

The S&TDC Kansai was initiated by Consul of Switzerland Dr. Felix Moesner, and its mission is to provide a platform to promote exchanges of best practices in key areas such as S&T policy briefings, seminars, visits to research institutions, universities and R&D intensive companies.

With the launch of the S&TDC Kansai, diplomatic posts and honorary consulates in Kansai are ready to spark interactions between all relevant stakeholders in science and technology in the region. All those interested in joining Science & Technology in Kansai are encouraged to stay tuned for further details.