Panasonic RE100

Visit to Panasonic RE100

6/30/20231 min read

18 members of the S&T Diplomatic Circle Kansai had the great honor of visiting Panasonic RE100, organized by Martin Eberts and Johannes Schweizer from the Consulate-General of Germany.
RE100 is the world’s first manufacturing facility capable of being powered entirely by renewable energy. The demonstration project generates sufficient electricity to fully power the on-site fuel cell factory through a solar installation (570 kW), 99 hydrogen fuel cells of 5 kW each (495 kW), and lithium-ion battery storage (approximately 1.1 MWh). The fuel cells produced in the factory are part of the company's strategy for widespread use of hydrogen fuel cells (smart cities, commercial buildings, utilization in ports). The factory is modern and offers an exciting glimpse into Japanese production technology.
The S&TDC was given an overview of the facilities by Nagahara-san, Matsuzawa-san, and Yamada-san as well as a tour of the appliances showroom. The delegation then received more details on RE100 before visiting the RE100 site, followed by an enlightening Q&A.
This inspiring facility showcased great advances and investments Japan is making in sustainable technology.