Panasonic R&D

Visit to the Panasonic Museum and Research & Development Briefing

11/24/20221 min read

Members of the S&T Diplomatic Circle had the great honor of joining a visit to Panasonic R&D Head Quarters in Osaka. This was all possible due to the excellent work of Marc Kuipers, Consul General from the Kingdom of the Netherlands, who coordinated this enlightening visit for everyone involved.

Panasonic is well-known throughout Japan as the leading consumer electronics company. However, over the years, the firm has decided to alter its business portfolio, investing more in industrial and business solutions and advancing to become one of the primary global players in tech. This includes creating high-performance lithium-ion 4680-batteries that are used by Tesla, sensing devices, and hydrogen cells. What began as a small start-up in 1918 founded by Konosuke Matsushita and two family members, eventually changed its name to Panasonic and grew to become an established leader in the industry, prioritizing sustainability and customer welfare.

The visit to the Head Quarters included a roundtable meeting with Tatsuo Ogawa, Group CTO of Panasonic Holdings, and Masato Nakamura, Director International, who shared with everyone their development strategies. A tour of the newly completed Panasonic Museum was also given, commemorating the pivotal moments of Panasonic’s long and prosperous history. Additionally, Panasonic is also supporting the World Expo 2025 Osaka with its own “Panasonic Pavilion”.

Overall, the visit was incredibly successful, giving everyone deep insights into the core mission and values behind Panasonic. Many thanks go out to Consul-General Marc Kuipers for his incredible work in coordinating such a wonderful experience for the S&TDC Kansai members.