Iwatani Hydrogen Technology Center

Visit to Iwatani Corporation’s Advanced Hydrogen Technology Center in Amagasaki, Hyogo

4/24/20231 min read

The S&T Diplomatic Circle of Kansai was recently invited to a tour of the Iwatani Corporation's Advanced Hydrogen Technology Center in Amagasaki, Hyogo. In attendance were 20 members of the S&T Diplomatic Circle, who were able to receive an overview of Iwatani's technology and their goal of building a hydrogen-based society.

The members were welcomed by Mr. Kunihiko Koike, Iwatani’s Corporate Executive Officer, who provided them with an overview of the company’s impressive advanced hydrogen technologies. Iwatani holds the largest domestic market share for compressed hydrogen, and as the only manufacturer in Japan, it holds a 100% share of the liquid hydrogen market. The company has invested in various technological solutions to advance the goal of a hydrogen-based society, such as collaborating with universities and public institutions.

The visitors were then taken on a tour of the center, which is equipped with the latest analytical and testing equipment and experimental environments. During the tour, they also visited Japan’s first Hydrogen Car Fueling Station.

The tour was kindly organized by Felix Moesner, Chairman of the S&T Diplomatic Circle and Consul of Switzerland in Japan.