Coordination Meeting 2024

Thriving Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai

1/17/20241 min read

For the third time since the establishment of The S&T Diplomatic Circle Kansai, diplomatic colleagues gathered to outline the annual program for 2024. A remarkable 60 proposals were selected by 1,140 votes and, amidst a transparent and efficient approach, 12 activities for the year 2024 were readily decided upon.

Since its commencement, activities and site tours decided upon extensively span from key fields of biotechnology, healthcare, carbon-neutral research to precision manufacturing. They also cover areas such as multimedia & entertainment, drug development, and food production, promising an eventful and crucial year ahead.

As a platform of open diplomacy, the mission of The S&T Diplomatic Circle Kansai is to forge new relationships and align with key players across sectors of government, academia and the private sector within Kansai's innovation ecosystem. The collective efforts have established an influential platform, where peers have the opportunity to meet, engage and exchange, ultimately making this circle a successful undertaking.

Special thanks to Consul and Chairman Felix Moesner of Switzerland for generously hosting this year's S&T Diplomatic Circle Kansai kickoff meeting. This initiative is endorsed by the Kansai Consular Corps headed by Dean Carolyn Davidson and Vice Dean Kazusue Konoike.