Coordination Meeting

Thriving Science & Technology Diplomatic Circle Kansai

1/20/20231 min read

For the second time, Consular colleagues convened to shape the annual S&TDC program. Overall, 46 proposals were shortlisted by 765 votes and 12 activities were quickly agreed upon thanks to the transparent process. An exciting program for 2023 awaits us!

Since its inauguration in July 2022, activities and visits include major players in the fields of batteries, climate, digital twin, disaster prediction, energy, environmental sustainability, Expo2025, green innovation, hydrogen, innovation, medicine, pharmacology, startups, supercomputers, and weather.

As an open diplomacy forum, the S&TDC’s mission is to discover new bonds and connect with key people in government, academia and the private sector of Kansai’s innovation ecosystem. By doing so as a group, a valuable platform has been created where peers can meet and exchange. All in all: This circle is a success story!

Great thanks to our colleague Víctor Almengor, Consul General of Panama for generously hosting this S&TDC Kansai Coordination Meeting. The S&TDC Kansai has been initiated by its Chairman Consul Felix Moesner and is endorsed by the Kansai Consular Corps headed by Dean Jules Irrmann and Vice Dean Kazusue Konoike.